1st Officer - Joe Lauzon
Yellow is a 1968 350 pontiac,auto.
The butternut yellow is the original colour!
The pearl one is a 1967 that was painted 15 yrs ago,
purchased as just a shell.
After paint it got a sbc in it with bump heads and a 2spd power glide
The car was an original 326 with 400 turbo
Founding Member #1 - Curtis Dammann
1979 Firebird Esprit
1970 front clip
T/A fenders
1975 formula hood
305 Chevrolet straight piped
TH400 automatic transmission
Third owner, purchased when I was 13 for
Used to be Solar Gold.
Founding Member #2  David Kautzman
1981 Pontiac firebird esprit factory 4.4 267 swapped for 1976 olds 455. 2.56 non posi. Blue cloth interior, idiot lights (79 trans am gauges installation happening these past 2 weeks)4th owner. Been in family since 1982
Founding Member #3 - Vincent Burke Jr.
2001 10 Th Anniversary Firehawk
5.7 LS1 VA Fuel Injected
6- Speed Transmission
52,000 KL
Black Interior
139 Built
Founding Member #4  - William Van Sickle
1998 LS1 Trans-Am
Blue-Green Chameleon paint (1 of 342)
Except for a set of WS6 rims the car is stock.
But not for long. Did not buy the car to have it sit in the garage spotless.
I've wanted something like this since i was a little kid and plan on having a lot of fun with it.
Founding Member #5 George & Joanne Dwernychuk
1978 SE Trans Am
Hurst T Tops
1978 SE Gold Trans Am
Fisher T Tops
4 speed
Founding Member #6 - James Bedient
Fold down rear seat
326 2bbl Rebuilt
2 speed powerglide
HEI distrib, all new wiring
Founding Member #7 - Jason Looker   
50TH Founding Member - Nationally Of The Firebird Club Of Canada 1981 Firebird
'Has 265 CI in it now - Building a Small Block For Right Now
Automatic Transmission
Well I won't be rushing it.
I need a new dash and heater box.
Heater core was toast when I found the car rusted out.
Dash was trash. Console trash.
So needs love but I still can take a ride when I need