Joining The Firebird Club Of Canada

The One Time Cost of $75.00 Canadian by Etransfer or $80.00 Canadian via Paypal to cover the cost of your Club Member Shirt in White Or Black + Shipping Anywhere In Canada.  NOTE : 3X Shirts And 4X Shirts Are The Same Price as well as Childrens Sizes...These come Personalized with your Name on the front as well as our Club Name in Large Lettering on the back.


We Provide The (Red Bird) Patch And The (50th Anniversary) Patch - They Will be Applied To Your New Club Member Shirt Beforer we Shp


You Must Be Canadian and you Must Hold Title To A Pontiac Firebird.. 

If you would like to become a Member Of The Firebird Club Of Canada please forward the following information to

Etransfer $75.00 For each family Member Who Would Like A Club Shirt To

The Only Way To become A Member of our Club is to anwer the Questions Below in An Email and Send To

Firebird Club Of Canada – Member Registration Form
Full Name ____________________________
Shipping  Address _________________________________
Email ____________________________
Phone ____________________________
Picture Of Firebird – Include Picture Of Your Firebird You Wish On Our Website. __________________________
Details of Firebird You Want Posted To Website
Name You Want On Your Shirt ___________________________
Color Of Shirt - White Or Black ___________________________
Shirt Size In U.S , Mens' Womens or Youth ____________________________
The Firebird Club Of Canada only has 3 Basic Rules
Treat everyone the way you would want them to treat You…Never Try To Divide Our Members…Disrespecting anyone can mean your removal from our Club and Banned from our Face book group.

  1. Represent The Club With Respect and Dignity – You are an Ambassador For This Club ….
  2. Wear your Club Shirt With Pride To All Car Related Events and Be A Continual Builder of your Chapter in your Area…
  3. Our Rules are Clearly Posted Here…

Please Return All Info With and $75.00 Etransfer to 
Or you can send by Paypal  $80.00 to
There will never be any other fees or dues. Your Shirt will be shipped to you with the 50th anniversary Patch on the Left Shoulder / Arm and the Bird Patch on the Right Shoulder / Arm , with the Name you have specified on the Left Chest ….. 
Orders For Members Shirts Are Not Sent To Shirt Maker Until We Have 10 New Members  And Sometimes This Can Take a Few weeks or even a Month. Once the order is sent in, the Shirt maker will take another month to make the Premium Polo Shirts Exclusive to our Club.
Once Your Membership fee Has Been Received Your Chapter President Will Then Make an Announcement on Both Our National Face Book Group and Your Chapters face book Group.
Thank you
Welcome To The Firebird Club Of Canada
“We Make Little Wishes Come True”
Murray R. McMillan
Club Founder / Canadian National President

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