Members $15.00 Per Hat X 10 + $25.00 Shipping and Non Members Can Order Our Hats To Help Promote Our Club....Non Members  Cost is $20.00 Per Hat - Minimum Of 10 + $25.00 Shipping. 

Minimum OF 20 Hats + $25.00 Shipping. In Any Combination 1st , 2nd , 3rd or 4th Generations.Payment must be made in advance.

MEMBERS contact Your Provincial President To get On Their Latest Hat And Hoodie Order List - Once They have Their Minimum 10 Hoodies or 25 Hats - They will Then Forward Me The Funds. 

STATE CLEARLY WITH YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT YOUR ORDER - IT WILL BE PLACED AS RECEIVED - We are a car club - Not A Business and we Do Not Do exchanges Or Refunds....Thank you ! 

To Place An Order Click PAYPAL LOGO.  Hoodies are  $85.00 Each X 10 MINIMUM ORDER  - $850.00 Size SMALL TO XXX LARGE + Shipping $45.00 TOTAL  $895.00 

MEMBERS PAY $15.00 For Any Generation Hat and  $85.00 To Their Chapter Presidents For Hoodies - All Proceeds From These sales Go Directly To The Provincial Chapter  Making The Orders


Our Hoodies Come With firebird Club Of Canada On The Back The Same As Our Club Member Shirts. These Are Heavy Premium Quality Canadian Made Hoodies With Double Hood - Red Inside. Pull Over style with Hood string. Fleece Lined.

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