The Firebird Club Of Canada - Rules & Regulations Directive & Constitution

Prepared - Reviewed And written By Our Founder And National Club President Murray R. McMillan

ALL MATTERS CONCERNING THE CLUB ON A NATIONAL & PROVINCIAL LEVEL ARE the Responsibility Of The National President and his 4 Voting National Executives

This Club Is A Drama Free Zone For Mature Individuals and Families....Anyone Causing Any Issues Is Simply Removed.

The Club Founder "Murray R. McMillan"  Reserves The Right To Approve Or Remove Anyone Who Is Divisive And Intentionally Causing Trouble With Any Member Or Members. The Club As A Whole And It's Members Will Always Come First And Be Top Priority Here !


MEMBERSHIPS /// IMPORTANT -     Once we receive your  One Time - Life Time Membership Fee that pays for your Club Shirt - All New Members Have a 90 day Probationary Period to Allow  both You and Our Club Time To evaluate Your Membership With Us. If At the End Of The Probation Period Either You or Us Decide we are not a good fit, you will receive a FULL- REFUND of your Membership Fee !
Every Club Or Organization Must Have Rules That Are Clearly Defined For All To Understand! We Are a Family Oriented Club And As Such Anyone Wishing To Become A Firebird Club Of  Canada Member Needs To Know These Rules,Understand Them and Abide by them.......
You Must Hold Title To A Pontiac Firebird and Be A Canadian Citizen ---   All Makes , Models And Years of Firebirds Are Welcome With No Fees Or Dues Ever. You simply pay for your Club Member Shirts. We meet every year in August at Autofest in Oshawa , displaying our Club Banner And Colors !
Voting In Our Club
All Members Can Forward A Request To Vote On Issues Concerning Their Chapters ONLY ,to their Chapter President. - They Have Nothing To Do With The Running Of The Club On a National Level Or Our Bandit Run Canada. Only a Chapters President Can Call A Vote And Set a Start Time and an End Time to The Voting . All Results Are Final and the Members Wishes will be Honored . The Chapter President Will Decide On How The Question Is Formulated For Each Vote and his Decision On How The Question Is Worded Is Final. Members Are only to concern themselves with their Chapter Business. The Bandit Run Canada Event Is Planned & Implemented By The National President & The Team He Chooses To To Make His Plan Sucessful
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Provincial Presidents - Vice Presidents and 1st Officers
All Provincial Chapter Presidents Are Appointed  By The National President And Founder.  All Provincial Presidents Can Only Be Removed By Majority Vote By The Members Of That Provincial Chapter...
Vice Presidents - You will hold this Position primarily being always ready to fill in and assume the Responsibilities of your Chapter President at any given notice. While in this position you will assist, support and learn from your President.
1st Officers - Your responsibilities are to assist your Vice President  and to insure security at Events for your Chapter

Chapter Responsibilities & Duties

How To Build A Successful & Active Provincial Chapter
TO ALL PRESIDENTS : IMPORTANT -  You have work to do with the help of your V.P. 's and 1st Officers so choose them wisely. We give you this privilege so, make sure to choose mature , grounded individuals who will help and not hinder your Chapters Growth. Each Chapter President is expected to choose the person best suited to working with him to build your chapters. The executive leaves this in your hands for only  you know who is best for you and your Chapter.
 How To Build An Exciting And Active Firebird Club Of Canada Chapter . Please Print this off and keep it handy for referral ......
 Step 1 - Form You Provincial Level Executive with Men and Women who have the same Goal as you do. To do whatever is needed to build a Car Club that will someday be know throughout your Province and Canada. Your Vice President and 1st Officer have Duties.
 Each Provincial Chapter will operate independently from the National , accept , the National Executive , here in Ontario and specifically Murray McMillan , will provide all your Firebird Club Of Canada Member Shirts and background check all potential New Members Canada - wide , as I do now.
 Vice Presidents  - Job - Your Responsibilities are to assist the President in every way possible to build and organize your Provincial Chapter. This means visiting local Businesses wearing your Club Shirt and asking for Sponsorship for 4 Prizes that will be awarded to your Members only at your 3 Official car Shows each summer. You will need 4 Provincial Club Sponsors for this to award 4 Prizes by Free Ticket Draw to your members at the shows. Also as V.P. , you must know everything about your Chapter so that you are able to step in and take over on a moments notice should the President vacate his position for any reason and is unable to fulfill his duties.
 1st Officer - Your Job is exactly the same as your V.P.' s and you should be ready to step in a replace your V.P if ever needed. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure all members are parked in the right areas at Car Shows and non members are not parked in your Club area. You are your Club's Security.
 Working closely together , the President , Vice President and 1st Officer are responsible to get Sponsors for your 10' X 10' Red Canopy that you will set up at your 4 Shows as well as your Red 5' Folding Table ..See pictures. These are available at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. About $200.00 For Both - These must be RED.....Your Membership Needs this Canopy for several important reasons. 1. As a Gathering point at the shows. 2. On the table you will display your Sponsors information who are supplying the awards for your members, this is the trade off to get the sponsors. When drawing the Free Tickets for the awards you will also Name the Sponsor supplying the Award. This is another reason for the Sponsor to be involved with your club.
 Finally Chapter Presidents: Please notify  The Board Of Directors of any Provincial Votes being called so I am aware of what your Chapter is doing and to make sure you are abiding by our National Declaration !
1. Acquire your Canopy and Table
2 . Choose your 2 Local - Official Car Show Events & Organize a Local Bandit Run
3. Acquire your 3 Official Club Sponsors with the help of your V.P. and 1st Officer !
Only Canadian Firebird Owners & Their Family Members can become Firebird Club Of Canada Members .When one family Member becomes a Club Member , their entire immediate family becomes a member and can order and wear Our Firebird Club Of Canada Member Shirts.
Complaining in public about ANY ISSUES you have with our Members or a Member, The Clubs Operation , Rules, and anything Else that could harm the Public Image of Our Club !We Have A Members Only Discussion Group For all Provincial Presidents  And All Ontario Founding Members. Raise Any Concerns You Might have In That Forum Privately So They can Be Resolved Within Our Club!
We Have 3 Basic Rules -- Agree To These 3 Rules Before You Join -- If You Don't Like These 3 Rules --- Don't Ask To Join !
1. You will Proudly wear Your Firebird Club Of Canada Membership Shirt Too All events you Attend with your Firebird ?
2. Represent our Club with Respect for all Our Members
3. Be Honest and Trustworthy?
Our Clubs Formation
The Provincial Chapter Vote Is Held By Each Province's Founding Members, Their President, Vice President And Their 1st Officer. Any Provincial President Can Call A Vote Concerning Their Provincial Chapter.
Each Provincial President Has The Right To Remove Anyone From Their Provincial Membership They Feel Are Creating Division In Their Club Or Breaking Any Of Their Rules. We Do Not Interfere In Any Provincial Chapters Internal Affairs. Our Provincial Presidents Are Capable Men And Or Women .
Each Chapter will organize a 20 Kilometer Firebird Bandit Run Locally to Raise Money For the Children's Wish Foundation.

On A National Level, The Club Founder and National President Makes All Final Decisions - After Consultation & Vote If Necessary  By Our 5 Executive Officers
Murray R. McMillan - Founder Of The Firebird Club Of Canada. Dated JANUARY 22 / 2020


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